Hello and Welcome to Paint My Pony 🎨🐎

In October 2016 Newbrook Farm Equestrian became the very proud home 🏡 to Paint My Pony 🎨 🐎

Newbrook is nestled away in the heart of the Cotswolds, It really has been an incredibly exciting time 😁 for Team Newbrook 👍 and we feel really privileged to have been given this amazing opportunity 🎨 🐎

We are very passionate about the brand and the fun it can create 🎨 We are also really keen to promote the therapeutic benefit Paint My Pony can bring to people of all ages 👧 👦 👩 👨 👵 👴

We have found this out first hand with our work on the farm 🚜 with people suffering from various types of mental health issues,Autism, ADHD, PTSD to name just a few

The combination of equine facilitated learning and Paint My Pony 🎨 🐎seems to really have a positive effect on people and anything that can help improve people's lives can only be a good thing 👍

Whilst we continue to sell and promote our products 🎨 online 💻 for everyone to buy and enjoy 🙌 we are also really keen to take Paint My Pony to anyone and everyone who would benefit from using and experiencing Paint My Pony 🎨 🐎

So if you know of or run a organisation, charity or community group who you think would benefit from the Paint My Pony experience we would love to hear from them

…It's time to express yourself. What will you come up with?

Paint my pony